Platinum Plus Memberships

Your home is like your automobile. Much like automotive tune-ups, keeping your home “tuned-up” is a critical necessity to preserve it’s value and your peace of mind.

“Home Maintenance” It doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Yet, preserving the value of your home through regularly scheduled maintenance will save you hundreds of dollars today and make you thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell your home.

Like the rest of us, houses get older every year – and with age, comes system failures. Leaks may spring forth and drains may clog.

At Platinum Home Services Inc., we believe that home maintenance nightmares are for others home owners, not Platinum Home Services Inc. customers. This is where our comprehensive maintenance program can prove to be so valuable.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

  • Platinum Plus Plumbing
  • Platinum Plus Heating
  • Platinum Plus Cooling
  • Platinum Plus Drain Cleaning
  • Platinum Plus Universal Protection Program (plumbing, heating, cooling & drain cleaning)
  • We offer Free Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inspection reports to all of our customers

Priority Service: As a Platinum Plus Member, you are our priority. Your service call will be scheduled ahead of all the others! We promise!

15% Discount: You will receive a 15% discount off your plumbing, heating, cooling or drain service call total as long as you remain a Platinum Plus Member*. You will also receive a 5% discount off installation of a new boiler, furnace & air conditioning systems.

Peace of Mind: As a Platinum Plus Member, your home is protected from the annoyance of cold showers, broken water lines, unforeseen plumbing problems, no heat, no cooling, no water & drainage problems.

Certified Personnel: Our technicians are not only highly skilled, but are certified to take care of your equipment. You will take comfort in knowing that our technicians are drug tested and security screened for your peace of mind.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We promise your complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Transferable: Your Platinum Plus Membership can either be transferred to your new home or to the buyer of the home you are selling.

Warranty: As a Platinum Plus Member, you are given a one year extended warranty in addition to the existing warranty on most repairs and part replacements.

Cover Everything: We also offer the Platinum Plus Universal Protection Program (plumbing, heating, cooling & drain cleaning)

Best of All: The monthly fee of only $12.95 each or $29.95 for the Platinum Plus Universal Protection Program is like money in the bank. Every payment you pay will be added to your account as a credit for a period of 15 months from the start of contract and can be used towards any service performed in the category that you have purchased a plan for.